rainbow snippets strike again

Six sentences of a work in progress. This time from the story Earning His Leathers that has just been accepted by Pride Publishing as part of a not yet named M/M BDSM anthology.

And yes, I have counted the six sentences. They are actually seven.


The man standing in the room was the almost perfect antithesis to what Connor considered his ideal type. He was well above 6 feet and muscled. He sported a crewcut of black hair. His eyes were dark as the night, his features had the chiselled sharpness of outspoken masculinity with a pronounced nose –that looked like it had been broken and badly mended—and a strong jaw. He looked like a streetfighter looking for a brawl, and Connor had no wish whatsoever to have that man as his teacher in kink. Those hands could cause some serious pain during a playful spanking session.

“Meet Stone Carver.”

Go to Rainbow Snippets Facebook Group for more peeks into the minds of  writers at work.



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10 responses to “rainbow snippets strike again

  1. Don’t know about pain but he will surely get some serious pleasure 😀

  2. Oh dear, why do I get the feeling Connor’s in trouble. very interesting. The last sentence caused an ‘oh oh’ moment 🙂

  3. louiselyons013

    He sounds hot and I love the name!

  4. Now those guys, I want to read more about.

  5. Jana Denardo

    Really great description.

  6. I get the sense he could be a good teacher 😉

  7. I think Connor will change his mind. 🙂

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