I got something to celebrate and you can win gift cards and a story uniquely written for you!

Calling the Shots
The Calling the Shots series tells the story of slightly conservative office worker Isaac and his beloved Tom during their journey to integrate D/s into their committed but so far mostly vanilla relationship.
Isaac has to face his doubts and uncertainties about his role as Dominant. No matter how much he wants to make his lover happy, is it really okay for him to order a grown man around, spank and cane him, even/especially if that person is his lover and he’s positively begging for it?
But, make no mistake about it, both Isaac and Tom have a whole lot of hot sex while discovering what works for them as a couple, and romance is still very much on the menu.


A celebration and a chance to win
To celebrate the publication of the third part of the Calling the Shots series, Becoming Sir, the first part, Facing the Truth, will be on sale for only $0.99 until November 8 at Totally Bound, Amazon and AllRomance.
On a number of those days, I will write a guest blog. Anyone who posts a reaction during this mini tour, has a chance to win a gift card of $10. Every blog I visit means a new chance to win a gift card.

You will also be eligible for a one-in-a-kind story. I will write a short story of at least 3000 words for one lucky winner. Yes, you get to choose if you want m/m or m/f (or a moresome) their names, their looks, how hot/sweet the story will be, and lots more. It goes without saying that the story will be professionally edited.

How to participate:

– With each of the five blogs I’ve visited you can win a $10 gift card by simply giving a reaction. So five blogs means five reactions and five chances.

– If you also want a chance to win the story, you simply state that you are interested and over the age of 18. With every blog you get one story-ticket.

– If you leave a review for any of my Calling the Shots titles at Amazon, GoodReads or any place else suitable, you get two extra story-tickets. Please let me know if you did that.
You have until November 8 to visit the blogs that host me during this tour and leave a reaction. After November 8 I will announce the winners.


Rules for participating in the Calling the Shots give-aways
(In this case: “I” means the author, S.Dora, and “you” means the participant)

1) I promise not to post or publish the written-for-you story anywhere.
2) I own the full copyrights of the story. Please respect that. Other than that it’s your story.
3) You get one chance to win the written-for-you story per blog I visit.  The only thing you’ll have to do is to give a reaction to my posts.
4) I will visit five blogs in total.  You get two extra chances to win the story if you leave a review for either Facing the Truth, The Right Direction or Becoming Sir at Amazon, GoodReads or any other suitable place.
5) Please, state in your reaction that you are interested in the written-for-you story competition and that you are over the age of 18. Leave an e-mail address.
6) You don’t have to be interested in the story to have a chance of winning one of the five $10 gift cards.
7) I write m/m, m/f or threesomes in any combination. I’m willing to write f/f, but I have to admit it’s not my forte.
8) I’m happy to write BDSM in many shapes and forms, but I’m equally happy to write something kink-free.
9) We will exchange as many e-mails as needed to come as closely as humanly possible to the kind of story you have in mind. I can’t give absolute guarantees, except that I’ll do my best.
10) I reserve the right not to write about any acts or subject matters that go against human decency and dignity as I see it, or that are against the law in both our countries.

I will visit the blogs of fellow authors:

On November 1: L.M. Somerton 

On November 2: Simone Anderson

On November 4: Avril Ashton

On November 4: Nancy Adams

On November 5: Morticia Knight

And don’t forget: Facing the Truth only $0.99 until the 8th at Amazon, AllRomance and Totally Bound



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6 responses to “I got something to celebrate and you can win gift cards and a story uniquely written for you!

  1. Zimena

    First of all, thank you for doing this. I hope this type of promotion will be very successful for you, and that you will have some new readers after it. Then, I commented on three out of five entries in your mini-tour so far, and right now I cannot get the comment field to behave properly on the last two. I’ll try again when I’m on a proper computer tomorrow, though. Or even later tonight, maybe. In any case – good luck with this!

  2. Urbanista

    Having an author write a story for you is a unique and generous gift–thank you! I can’t help all the fun ideas I’m having! I’ve had a bit of trouble commenting, but I got in this time.**SMILE**

  3. I love the way your published stories are piling up. It’s quite exciting and I’m very happy for you. Now I must finish the three stories I downloaded to my Kindle from amazon and get busy writing some reviews!

  4. chickie434

    I like how the books are about an established couple exploring something new. It’s nice getting to see some old dogs learn some new tricks, as my mother would say. 🙂


  5. Beth

    Lovely contest. I have the Calling the Shots books on my wish list. And a chance for a story written just for ME…that’s a great gift.

  6. Penumbra

    I participated! Fun giveaway with the personal story 🙂


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