Louisa Masters and her research for the perfect sex scene

I’m very happy to welcome Louisa Masters as my guest today. She’ll be talking about her brand new novella One night in a Bar, and about one subject in particular…

Researching the Perfect Sex Scene

Yesterday was the release of One Night in a Bar, and today I’m sweeping up the confetti. Today, I need to sit my tushie down and get into my current WIP, the sequel to One Night in a Bar. It’s as yet untitled, but I’m nearly finished, and pretty excited about it. The only things keeping me from finishing are the sex scenes.

I know a lot of authors can write sex scenes anytime, and I truly envy them. I don’t need to feel sexy to write one, but if I feel crap, it’s just not going to happen. That’s okay, though. Because at those times, I get online and do some research.

No, I’m not talking about porn, although the research value there can’t be underestimated. I’m talking about writing manuals, sex manuals and sex toys.

I’m not going to take away the fun of discovering this stuff for yourself. If you’re not comfortable going into an Adult shop, hop online and browse there. You don’t have to buy to learn. The products all have their own little descriptions—I challenge you to read half a dozen and not come up with some ideas for sex scenes.

I’ve been told that because I write erotic romance, purchases would be tax-deductible…hmm.

Ever had a one—night stand who didn’t want to go away? What happens when your one-nighter comes back into your life…?

Karen comes home unexpectedly to find her boyfriend cheating on her with her (male) boss, and another man. Can she really be blamed for pulling out the mace when they invite her to join in?

She mourns the loss of her job at a bar, gets a little tipsy…and somehow, she ends up having sex in an alley with tall, dark, and sexy Daniel. Something she’s never done before. Good thing they’ll never see each other again, right?


One month into a new job, she lands a fabulous new client, world—renowned sculptor Crogan. Except, Daniel Crogan turns out to be her one—hour stand. And professionalism is the last thing on his mind.

What’s a girl to do in this situation? Should she insist on a working relationship only, or give in to the demands of her body? And what happens when Daniel wants to sculpt her…in the nude?

You can read an excerpt and buy One Night in a Bar here and please visit my site to see what else I’m working on.

In the meantime, got any toy stories (no pun intended) that you want to share?



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6 responses to “Louisa Masters and her research for the perfect sex scene

  1. Maggie Nash

    Hi S and Louisa. What I do is head to Sexpo with a few author mates. Boy to we have lots of fun times there…Iots of demonstrations of toys, lots of interesting devices on sale and some amazing people to watch 🙂 It’s also a great way to find out what the latest trends are. The last time we went it was the Wi Vibe. We also saw some gorgeous glass sculptures that doubled as dildos. Next time I’m going to buy one! All tax deductible of course 🙂

  2. Hi Louisa,

    Great to have you as my guest. And I love the article. It’s so recognisable and you really should see me nod in agreement.


  3. Thanks so much for hosting me, Raymonde. And of course after I wrote the blog I hopped online to do some more reasearch 🙂
    Maggie, I go to sexpo too – the only thing that annoys me is the heckling teenagers out front.

  4. Hello, Louisa,

    I don’t know how you can be almost done with a book without knowing its title! I have to have a title to even start!

    Anyway, you’re quite right, we authors have it easy these days, with the Internet. Way back in the eighties, I had to go out and buy my own riding crop, at an equestrian store, believe it or not.

    Really! ;^)

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