Please welcome the talented Paige Turner, who’ll be talking about her new book Unsinkable.


Researching Unsinkable , my MM erotic romance novel set on board the Titanic, was in some ways a new experience for me. Researching a historical background is nothing new – I had to research all sorts of things for my previous novel Bone Idol  – Victorian fashions and manners, the Bone Wars of the late 1800s, paeleontology, travel by ship and by train…

But the story of the sinking of the Titanic is something unique. When news began to reach London and New York in April of 1912 of the disaster in the mid-Atlantic, the whole world held its breath. Had their loved ones survived or perished? Then, as horror gave way to anger, people began to ask who was to blame.

Perhaps because of the publicity surrounding the Titanic’s maiden voyage and the number of celebrities on board, perhaps because of the terrible loss of life and the rigorous inquiries that followed, people wanted to know about the Titanic.

What that means is that there is an incredible amount of source material, including scores of eyewitness accounts from survivors. It makes it a difficult subject to research for two reasons.

The first is that the sinking of the Titanic is documented almost minute-by-minute, often from multiple viewpoints, which sometimes conflict. Digging through the various timelines and reports to try to give a coherent account of the events of that night is no mean feat.


The second is the simple pathos of reading about a passenger who did something incredibly courageous, or one whose courage failed him. Of living vicariously through those hours of confusion, terror, wicked cold and grief. In retrospect, the emotional challenge caused me more difficulty than the technical one.

What’s the most difficult research challenge you’ve ever faced? Let me know in the comments.


* * *




The world had never seen anything like the RMS Titanic – enormous, opulent…and unsinkable. The Ship of Dreams.

Ted Dorley, confidence man, is looking for a new life in the New World, and relishes the opportunity to mingle with the great and the good of the day on board the RMS Titanic.

He expects to find fortune, and perhaps to find fame, but he doesn’t expect to find love in the arms of dark-eyed cellist Robert Briceaux, one of the Titanic’s band of dedicated musicians.

When the ship strikes an iceberg close to midnight in the middle of the Atlantic, passengers panic and the crew try to keep calm…as the band plays on. As the Ship of Dreams disappears into the calm, black waters of the deep, has Ted lost his new-found love to the icy embrace of the ocean?


* * *

Paige Turner is an Englishwoman who believes very firmly in the restorative power of tea. Paige likes to write MM love stories with a difference—whether it’s boy-meets-boy in a hot historical or mortal-meets-monster in an erotic otherworld, she thinks that everyone deserves a happy ending.

Website: www.paigeturnerromances.com

Blogs: http://paigeturner.dreamwidth.org/ or  http://paigeturner.livejournal.com/

 Email: paigeturner@virginmedia.com



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