Three on sale today

Even a happy single thirty-something, living mainly through his intellect, has certain needs. They’re met by an open-minded, adventurous young gay couple more than willing to invite him to their bed.




A small teaser:

He wasn’t sure if what they were doing should be called dancing, but perhaps it actually brought dancing back to its original meaning.
And words like ‘a fun way of getting some healthy exercise’ didn’t cross his mind. This was a blatant mating ritual, a primitive way of letting each other know they were willing and ready to fuck.
Davin’s back was plastered against Sebastian’s front, or perhaps Sebastian’s front was plastered against Davin’s back. Both moved in perfect harmony to the music. The slightly taller man was grinding his crotch along the thinly covered arse of the shorter one, meanwhile showering the shorter man’s head with butterfly kisses. He raked his teeth over his boyfriend’s earlobe, resulting in a soft, sweet moan from Davin, who had his eyes half-closed and his lips slightly parted. Owen doubted he was even aware of his surroundings.
Sebastian, on the other hand, looked straight at Owen, challenging him in a way that was quite open to more than one interpretation. That look, as much as Davin’s obviously exposed sexual need, went straight to Owen’s cock, bypassing all rational thoughts.
Sebastian travelled one hand slowly downwards until his long fingers rested beside his clearly outlined erection, but kept the other possessively around Davin’s middle. He traced the bulge of his lover’s hard-on with his thumb, whispering into Davin’s ear. Davin blushed and nodded in agreement to the words only he could hear.
Owen felt he was being drawn into an unpredictable situation, but couldn’t deny he was totally mesmerised by the perverse beauty of what was happening between the three of them. Sebastian dancing—for lack of a better word—with Davin, and he, Owen Bartlett, the one who couldn’t help but feel left out. No matter how much Davin and Sebastian seemed to direct their teasing in his direction, they were still one very-much-in-love couple and he was one single man. Later he would almost certainly get the stimulation for his one-handed activities from imagining all the possible combinations, with him in the roles of both spectator and participant… But for now he was sitting and watching, wishing he was somewhere else as well as hoping this would never end.


Curious about what happens next? Today my erotic-romantic m/m/m novella Three went on sale with Total E-Bound.


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