Amber Kell birthday celebration story part 9

Please welcome Amber Kell as my guest. Amber celebrates her birthday this month by doing all kinds of fun stuff, including publishing a free story in 30 parts. This is part nine of Accidental Alpha. Enjoy!

Want to know about the other parts of this story? Go here.

Accidental Alpha – Part #9

“What do you mean I’ve been here two weeks? I…” He had a job, a roommate and his brother would be climbing the walls. “I have to get home. Brian must be going insane.”

Fenris growled. “Who’s Brian?”

Before he could explain he had a lap full of hot dark-haired man.


Distracted by the gorgeous man sliding across his crotch he didn’t get a chance to explain before Fenris captured his lips in a kiss that promised unending pleasure.

“If you’re going to fuck at the table could you pass the bacon,” Paul’s voice cut through Stanley’s haze of lust.

Sliding a hand through Fenris’ hair he reluctantly pulled the other man away. “I need to get home.”

“You are home,” Fenris said. The look in the other man’s eyes told Stanley that for the shifter life was just that simple.

“I have a job, family and friends I have to get back too.”

“What kind of friends?” Fenris’ eyes narrowed. Did his teeth look a little sharper?

“Nothing you need to worry about,” Stanley assured him. Stroking Fenris’ back he tried to soothe the agitated man.

“What do you know about your family?” Sandy asked.

It took effort to tear his eyes away from Fenris. “Go sit down.” He nudged the other man away so he could concentrate on what Sandy had to say. With a smile Fenris handed him another fork.

“I’m adopted.”

“Oh,” Sandy’s disappointed expression made Stanley want to make it up to her but what could he do? He couldn’t change the facts of his life to suit her.

Stanley shrugged but in the back of his head he was wondering what the hell he was going to tell his boss. Well it probably wouldn’t matter since he more than likely no longer had a job.

Standing up he faced the trio. “Thanks so much for taking care of me but I’ve got to get home.”

Paul threw back his head and laughed. “And do what? You can’t just walk back into your old life and pretend nothing happened. The first time you growl at someone you’ll probably be arrested. Besides as an alpha you have responsibilities.”

“What responsibilities. So far I’ve been attacked, transformed and probably lost my job. Now you’re telling me I owe you something?”

“What about Fenris? Now that you claimed him are you going to toss him aside?” Paul sneered at him making Stanley want to smack the guy. He had to purposely relax his fists.

Looking over at Fenris he saw the adoration and longing in the other man’s eyes.

“I’ll take Fenris with me.” What the hell he was going to do with the guy he didn’t know but he couldn’t just leave him there. Fenris’ smile warmed him from the inside out.

Paul laughed but it wasn’t a happy sound. “You don’t get to pick and choose your pack. You get whoever is assigned to you. You have to wait for the Overseer to tell you who belongs.”

Anger rushed through Stanley at the thought of someone else telling him what he needed to do. The tips of his fingers ached. Fenris rushed over and wrapped himself around Stanley. “Breathe.”

Immediately he calmed under Fenris’ touch. Stanley gave a rough laugh. “I can’t just take you with me everywhere.”

“You’ll learn control.” Fenris slid his arms around Stanley. “The first few changes are the worst.”

“I still need to get home.” He pulled out of Fenris’ arms but entwined the fingers of his right hand with Fenris’ left. “Come with me and you can tell me everything I need to know.”


Before the pair took more than a few steps the doorbell rang.

Fenris stiffened beside him. “The Overseer is here.”

Sandy rushed to answer the door while Fenris, Stanley and even Paul stayed in place. They didn’t speak as they listened to the door open and close, but a familiar voice had Stanley squeezing Fenris’ hand in a tight grip. Taking a deep breath he waited until the man emerged from the hallway.

“Hello father,” Stanley greeted the man. What were the chances that the man who adopted Stanley at the age of five just happened to be the Overseer of the werewolves? From the lack of surprise on Dr. Leon Brown’s face, Stanley had a feeling his attack wasn’t quite the accident everyone claimed.


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